Spider Vein Treatments And What To Expect

Spider Veins - Treatment by Vein Specialists of PittsburghSpider veins are red, blue, purple, or pinkish lines which can be seen on the outer part of the skin in a spider-leg arrangement. The actual structure you are seeing is a vessel called capillaries or small veins (venules) which have become larger than structurally designed and become apparent on the skin.

What If I Don't Get My Spider Veins Treated?

Symptoms Treatment for Spider Veins

What if I don’t get my Spider Veins Treated?
The short answer is it depends on the cause of the Spider Veins, if they are a manifestation of underlying venous insufficiency, if you have symptoms, or if they are hormonal or hereditary in origin.

Inadequate blood flow may lead to chronic skin changes manifesting as thickening, hardening and discoloration of the skin. Moreover, very visible and tortuous varicose veins and other listed symptoms can result from lack of treatment (see symptoms above).

The symptoms of vein disease evolve over time and often patients are surprised by how much better they feel after treatment. 

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