Spider Vein Treatments And What To Expect

Spider Veins - Treatment by Vein Specialists of PittsburghSpider veins are red, blue, purple, or pinkish lines which can be seen on the outer part of the skin in a spider-leg arrangement. The actual structure you are seeing is a vessel called capillaries or small veins (venules) which have become larger than structurally designed and become apparent on the skin.

Symptoms of Spider Veins


Spider veins are often accompanied with swelling, throbbing, burning, a cramping feeling and leg fatigue. Patients can have more or less of these symptoms despite visible appearance of spider veins.

Even without the associated symptoms, many choose to still treat spider veins

If you seek treatment to rid yourself of symptoms then this is known as therapeutic treatment. Spider vein treatment can greatly mitigate these symptoms:

- Heavy, achy feeling in the legs.
- Burning, throbbing, muscle cramping
- Swelling in your lower legs
- Itching around or near your spider veins

It is also common to have treatment done with no symptoms to improve appearance only, or cosmetic treatment.

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