Spider Vein Treatments And What To Expect

Spider Veins - Treatment by Vein Specialists of PittsburghSpider veins are red, blue, purple, or pinkish lines which can be seen on the outer part of the skin in a spider-leg arrangement. The actual structure you are seeing is a vessel called capillaries or small veins (venules) which have become larger than structurally designed and become apparent on the skin.

Other Common Questions Regarding Sclerotherapy


Having question about sclerotherapy is natural. How long does it take? How many treatments are needed? How soon can I resume work and exercise? How long is complete recovery?

How long does Sclerotherapy take on average?

You may expect the procedure to take from 30-45 mins. This is dependent on the extent of diseased veins and varies from patient to patient.

How many Treatments are needed?

Anywhere from 1-8 treatments are used for patients. Most patients see good improvement with 4-6 sessions. These sessions are usually done 4-6 weeks apart. To decrease healing time and bruising compression stockings are generally worn for 5 days after each treatment.

How soon can I go back to work and exercise?

Apart from wearing compression stockings during waking hours for at least five days; you can return to your normal activity immediately. Exercise can be resumed the next day.  

How long does it take to see the full effects of the treatment?

At first you may have some bruising which will resolve over time. Redness, swelling and or some discomfort is only temporary.

                Over a period of 4-6 months significant improvement is generally noticable.


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