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When to Seek Vein Treatment

When to Seek Vein Treatment

If you think you may be developing varicose veins or if you already have varicose or spider veins, it is important to seek vein treatment. While varicose veins and spider veins may not pose a serious health issue in the short term, if varicose veins are not treated, they may develop into a problem later. At Vein Specialists of Pittsburgh, our specialist can diagnose your vein issues and explain your treatment options.

There are several kinds of symptoms and you may not have all of them, but if you have even one, it is best to have it checked by a professional. Below are the most common symptoms that may be seen before a vein starts to bulge and appear beneath the skin:

• Pain in the calves
• Night cramps that disrupt sleep
• Aching legs
• Heaviness in the legs
• Itching with or without a rash
• Swelling in the calves and ankles

Varicose veins are the result of venous insufficiency. This happens when the blood in the legs is not properly pushed back to the heart. There are valves inside the veins that may become weak for several reasons.

When they become weak, they cannot help the heart pump the blood against gravity. Consequently, the blood starts to pool in the veins, gradually causing them to bulge, twist and eventually show under the skin. Heredity is the most common cause of varicose veins, but there are other causes, such as:

• Hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy and menopause
• Long periods of standing that put too much constant pressure on the veins to overwork
• Long periods of sitting that can cut off or slow regular circulation
• Obesity that puts pressure on the legs and makes the heart work harder to move the blood
• Surgery or trauma that may disrupt the normal blood flow
• Age is a big factor as half of adults over 50 have some form of venous insufficiency

The good news is that there are several non-invasive treatments for varicose veins that can take care of the problem in one short visit. During a consultation with our specialist, you can learn about the different treatment options for your issues.

Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment for small varicose veins. The treatment consists of an injection of a special solution directly into the vein. This affects the vein wall and causes it to collapse. The body will gradually absorb the vein and it will disappear in about a month.

Endovenous laser therapy uses a laser to affect the vein and cause it to collapse and disappear. The laser ultimately seals off the vein so that the blood flows through healthy veins.

If you have any of the above symptoms, why wait until the problem becomes more serious or unsightly? At Vein Specialists of Pittsburgh in Oakmont, we may be able to help you remove your symptoms and have smooth legs again. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

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